The Value of Vacuum Pumps Across Different Industries

Operating on the physical principles of using a vacuum to displace gases for better pumping efficiency, the vacuum pump has existed in many forms since the Roman Empire existed. Based on the rudimentary design of the suction pump, the modern vacuum pump is capable of many actions. Particular models of the vacuum pump work for momentum transfer, positive displacement, entrapment or regeneration. With such a variety of vacuum pumps, it can be unsurprising to find the mechanisms operating in a widespread capacity in industries worldwide.

Mining Industry

Vacuum pumps are a valuable asset to the mining industry. They are capable of removing hazardous methane gas from deposits underground, which would otherwise prove harmful to humans. This methane gas can be safely extracted through the sealed vacuum system and taken for processing to use as a fuel source.

Hospital Industry

In order to protect the health of patients and minimize contamination, vacuum pumps are often used in many hospitals during surgery or as part of air flow management. Special vacuum pumps called liquid ring vacuum pumps can be found in several hospitals around the world. This type of vacuum pump is a positive displacement pump designed to trap gases and discharge them safely.

Chemical Industry

A sprawling form of industry, the field of chemical production and processing relies on vacuum pumps like the Gast pump to effectively perform necessary work. When working with potentially dangerous chemicals, a vacuum system is helpful for the safety of employees. Vacuum pumps can also assist in collecting vapors, filtering the air and recovering gases.

Metallurgy Industry

When processing metals, there are often many kinds of airborne hazards which need to be removed for workers to do their jobs safely. Vacuum pumps in the workplace help to ensure that harmful gases and wastewater are removed properly. They also help with heat treatment systems and smelting furnaces in steel factories.

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