Compulsory Basic Training 101

The Compulsory Basic Training or CBT is a training course for riding and operating a motorcycle and/or moped independently. It became mandatory for all riders in the UK starting in 1990 in order to reduce road accidents that result from inexperienced and uninformed drivers. Compulsory Basic Training allows drivers to earn their licence after passing the theory and practical tests. Once you complete the CBT, it will remain valid for two years.

What to Expect
The Compulsory Basic Training consists of 5 phases which should be completed one by one, in sequence. That is, the first phase should be completed before you can proceed to the second phase and so on. You can only move on from one phase to the next if the instructor is convinced and satisfied that you have met the necessary skills for each level. These phases are as follows:

– Introduction
– Practical Training (On-site)
– Practical Riding (On-site)
– Practical Training (On-road)
– Practical Riding (On-road)

Once you have completed each of these phases satisfactorily, you will be awarded a certificate of completion also known as the DL196. With this document, all the entitlements that will be included in your driving licence will be considered valid.

There are, however, considerations regarding the DL196. Once it is granted to you, any entitlement included in it will be valid for the next two years, during which you are expected to complete and pass the tests on theory and practical application. If, for example, you fail to pass both tests within the two-year period, you will be required to retake the CBT.

Another important consideration is that if you passed your driving test with an active Dl196 or pass the car test then complete the CBT and have a DL106, then the certificate does not expire. As a result, you will be required to keep your DL196. Note, however, that this consideration is applicable to mopeds. If you are a learner who wants to qualify to ride motorcycles, the DL196 will remain active for two years.

Getting the Best Training
At Motoden Suzuki, you can expect high quality training and instruction to provide you with the right skills and knowledge in driving motorcycles and scooters safely and efficiently. Our training is approved by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency), so you have the confidence to learn only from the best and authorised instructors.

Our facilities are located at 507 Kingsland Road, London E8, next to Scooterden. For inquiries and appointments, call us at 020-7241-1111 or email Tim Carmichael.

Training Charges

Weekdays using a hire bike – £130*
Weekends using a hire bike – £140*

*Prices inclusive of the cost of bike hire, use of gloves and helmet, and insurance (no excess).

To book a Compulsory Basic Training course, we require training charges to be paid in full prior to your scheduled appointment. To arrange any special bookings and manage your payments, give us a call at 020-7241-1111. Please provide the following information:

– Your full name
– Complete Address
– Contact Numbers (mobile and landline)
– Email Address

Other Information We Need/Require:

– Both parts of your U.K licence
– Whether or not you want to hire a motorcycle or scooter
– If you want to hire a bike, would you prefer a geared or automatic machine
– Credit card information, such as card number, issue date, security number, expiry date and issue number (only if applicable)
– Your preferred date and day in the week to undertake training and possible alternative

If you prefer to use your bike, we require you to bring:

– Original insurance certificate or cover note
– MOT (for bikes older than 3 years)
– Valid Road Tax
– L-Plates Front & Rear

We can also facilitate last minute bookings for riders. Just call us or send an email so we can facilitate your requirements.

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