Smartphone Apps for Safer Driving – Top Picks and Features

Safe driving requires constant attention. Luckily, several apps exist that help drivers prevent distraction while improving their skills behind the wheel.

This free app locks the phone while in motion and blocks incoming notifications, plus has an alert feature which informs loved ones when the driver safely reached their destination.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the world’s most beloved mapping applications, offering turn-by-turn navigation, street views, public transit data and Zagat ratings on desktop computers and mobile devices alike.

Traffic and road condition data collected from users’ phones is securely saved to provide fast, accurate service. Furthermore, sharing locations can save lives during emergencies.

One of the most useful features is showing how long it will take you to travel between locations by car, train, bus or bike – an invaluable timesaver and invaluable tool for trip planning! Unfortunately however, maps take up space on your phone.

2. Waze

Waze is a highly successful GPS navigation app that turns GPS navigation into a social network of drivers sharing real-time traffic updates with each other and their friends. Furthermore, the crowdsourced map also provides info on road hazards like bad weather, accidents and construction work.

Contrary to Google Maps, which utilizes traffic sensors and historical data to estimate traffic conditions, Waze is constantly adapting its routes in response to road conditions and user reports – this feature can often result in unintended alterations that take a driver down longer routes without apparent benefit other than saving time.

Waze offers local speed limits and the option to report and avoid radar traps, while helping drivers locate cheaper gas. Furthermore, its integration with CarPlay and Android Auto gives hands-free navigation from within your car’s display display.

3. Drivemode

This free iPhone app turns driving into a game by rewarding drivers who go without touching their phones during driving time. Users earn points per minute they don’t look at their phones, which can later be redeemed at gas stations and retailers as rewards. They can even compete against friends and family to see who can accumulate the most points!

Sprint’s Android version of their app for mobile phones provides automatic unavailable replies to text messages when motion or Bluetooth connection are detected in a vehicle, providing low-distraction music and navigation experience with only essential controls visible at any one time.

Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as anyone needing their phone for work while traveling, will find this device ideal.

4. HERE WeGo

HERE weGo is a free map and navigation software app from Here Technologies that is operated for use on smartphones, web maps and satellite navigation services used by major automotive manufacturers for in-car infotainment systems.

Individuals with cognitive disabilities who benefit from having content read aloud also utilize this software, supporting screen readers like VoiceOver and TalkBack on iOS and Android devices.

Users can tailor HERE WeGo to their unique needs and preferences. Drivers may opt to disable real-time rerouting so it doesn’t force them off routes they intended. They could also enable the software to skip tunnels when calculating an ETA; although this could lengthen travel time.

5. SafeRide

SNPs now have access to an innovative ride booking and management app designed specifically for SNPs, offering multiple booking methods and solutions for their members. Members can book rides through a mobile app, an AI-backed phone call or in person visit with transportation specialist. Furthermore, this platform tailors modality options specifically to specific member populations while handling multiple requests at once for each trip request.

Scheduling Control – Members can set up flexible rides in advance to help avoid no-shows and cancelations of rides, helping SafeRide Health reduce incoming calls while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency. This feature has proven very helpful in cutting costs by decreasing no-shows.

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