Discount Auto Parts

Discount Auto Parts is a national retail chain that sells automotive parts. Motorprise, a consumer-review website, classifies NDAP as “preferred” among its customers. Customers at this retail chain are primarily cost conscious, but more focused on superior customer service. They also place an emphasis on having products in stock when needed. However, some parts aren’t sold at all stores. For these reasons, it is best to visit a local Discount Auto Parts store to find out if they have the particular part that you’re looking for.

Founded in 1968, Discount Auto Parts has expanded throughout the United States. At the end of its fiscal 1992, the company operated 139 stores in Florida, with a focus on replacement car parts, maintenance products, and accessories. By the end of its fiscal year in March 1993, the company had grown to 208 locations, with 70 percent of them being mini-depots designed to attract customers within three miles of the retail stores. Discount Auto Parts also opened its first store in Alabama and increased the number of its Georgia stores to 12. In addition to this, the company recently installed a custom point-of-sale computer system, which helped the company track inventory and make accurate ordering decisions.

In 1995, Discount Auto Parts reported a record year for revenue and profits. Net sales for the company increased from $90.4 million in fiscal 1990 to $108.8 million in fiscal 1991. Net income rose from $7.5 million to $8.6 million in fiscal 1992, and the company opened its first outlet outside of Florida, in Georgia. In September of that year, Discount Auto Parts sold 3.5 million shares for $30 each. Net proceeds from the public offering went towards paying off debts.

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