Main reasons which can cause flat tires

Anyone of us might experience a flat tire for your car at least once in your lifetime. It would really be great trouble for you especially when you in some urgency. These are not just annoying but very dangerous. It is always better to know what might cause flat tires and how you can prevent it. Following are the various reasons for flat tire:

  1. Pointed and sharp objects: objects such as screws, nails, pins or other pieces of glasses over the road can cause a flat tire. This can be avoided when you can be careful while driving over the road especially near a construction area, bad road or near garbage.
  2. Poorly maintained roads: uneven road and the potholes can also cause severe damage to your car especially the tires. Make sure to drive at very low speed when you are passing through a damaged road to prevent flat tire.
  3. Wear and tear: sometimes over a period of time, the car tires would get flat due to wear and tear which cannot be avoided. In such situations make sure to get your wheels checked regularly and maintain the recommended pressure in the tires. Prevent stopping of your car abruptly or starting it suddenly.
  4. Leakage stem: though you might not be able to find a flat tire sometimes there might be small valve stem leakage. This if not corrected might lead to a flat tire. Make sure to visit the service centre to get it checked and if it’s too old or dirty they will replace it.
  5. Wrong tire pressure: in order to have a safe ride it’s important for you to maintain the right pressure in your tires. When it’s not accurate it might lead to internal damage of the tire and which might be very dangerous as it can lead to road injuries. So make sure to get your tire pressure checked on a monthly basis or you can do it yourself too.

Changing your flat tire:

If there is no service center nearby you can actually change the tire by yourself by following the simple steps:

  • Make sure to park your car on the level surface.
  • Keep it in brake position and in a parked state.
  • Look for heavy objects.
  • Take jack and spare tire.
  • Should pump jack until it supports your vehicle.
  • Loosen the nuts and remove completely.
  • Remove the flat tire.
  • Put the spare tire on the hub and tighten nuts
  • Lower the jack and bring your car down.

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