Latest technologies which have revolutionized the auto industry

The latest developments and innovations in technology have provided you with the most sophisticated and technology-driven cars.

The following are some of the latest technological developments in cars:

  1. Flying cars: This is actually the first flying automobile which is known as Aeromobil 3.0. The best thing about it is that it can fly and land in an airport and can fit into any standard parking space in the world. Though the first idea of creating a flying car has been built in 1917, it wasn’t much successful as it could succeed in flying unlike Aeromobil 3.0.
  2. Autonomous vehicle: This is nothing but the autonomous self-driving cars where it uses sensors, Lasor sensors, cameras, brake actuators and more. The most autonomous car which is very popular actually belongs to Google. Many industries have now started working on this technology pretty hard. Now there is a semi-autonomous vehicle i.e. BMW which you can now start enjoying soon. This advancement in technology would definitely help you to reduce accidents, reduces vehicle fatalities, and can also help you to reduce traffic over the roads.
  3. V2V- Vehicle to vehicle communication: Through this amazing technology it would now be possible for your car to communicate with the other cars. The technology is just similar to that of an autonomous vehicle and it will help you to reduce traffic over roads, reduces accidents and vehicle fatalities. If there is any vehicle approaching your car and you are not aware of it, through this technology your car would be able to get the signals from the other vehicle coming in your way. This will help you to either prevent the collision or can apply brakes automatically.
  4. Networked cars: Another latest technology in the automobile industry is the networked cars. Through the electric pods, it would now be possible for you to enjoy the personalized mode of transportation as well as can avail the electric taxis to hire which can actually talk to each other. Through these kinds of cars, they can now share the location of the car, speed as well as available through wireless communication to the other cars. So, whenever you need to get a cab all you need to do is to call network cars and the car whichever is close to you would arrive at you and would ask you to enter the destination. After which it will check for the real-time traffic and follow GPS.

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