Avoiding Car Accidents During the Summer

Summer is a time when families take time to be together. One of the most popular things to do during this time is to venture out on the open road for a family vacation. Did you know that car accidents increase during the summer? A reason for this is the increase in cars on the road during this time. With school out and vacation time available, adventure beckons. Keep your family safe on the road during the summer and beyond with these safety tips.

Prepare Your Car

With increasing temperatures and vehicles, your car may take a beating just by you driving it. Before you leave the driveway, check fluid levels and tire tread. Also, get a check of that battery. Sitting idling in summertime heat and traffic may cause it to drain much faster. If your car was in an accident at some point and one of the repairs was frame straightening lakewood co, make sure the trunk and hood close properly. If there is even one latch out of alignment, you could get into a serious accident if one or the other comes loose during the trip.

Travel During Off-Peak Times

When making a longer trip, consider going against the grain – and the traffic. While driving at night is not ideal, getting up before the crack of dawn may wind up saving you hours on the highway. Try to time your travels through major thoroughfares for off-peak hours to avoid gridlock.

Pay Special Attention to Pedestrians

Checking out a big city or a national park can be exciting, but dangerous for pedestrians. The more people out walking the more likely of a deadly encounter with one. If you find yourself driving in an area congested with foot traffic, be sure you slow down to an appropriate speed. Keep your eyes peeled for bicyclists as well, especially before opening a car door.

With school letting out, there is a lot of fun in store for the sunny days ahead. Take some prep time before hitting the road to help avoid becoming a summer crash statistic.

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