4 Signs You Need New Brakes

If there’s one thing you don’t want failing on your car, it’s the brakes. An automobile braking system is made up of many parts, most notably the pads and rotors. If either of these is worn down, they’ll need to be replaced soon. Here are four signs that mean your car is due for new brakes.

1. Loud, Grinding Noise

Brakes can last up to 50,000 miles or more depending on how you drive. Nonetheless, if you start to experience a loud, grinding noise when you brake, take your car to your local auto repair West Palm Beach FL as soon as possible. Never ignore this sound as you risk damaging your rotors.

2. Squealing Sound When Braking

There’s no need to stress out if your brakes squeal once in a while. Random squeaks can be the result of dust or wet road conditions. However, if you hear a loud pitch every time you brake, get your car looked at. Squealing is often the first sign of worn-down brake pads.

3. Longer Stopping Time

When you’ve driven the same car for years, it’s easy to tell when something is off. If you notice it takes longer to stop or your pedal almost goes to the floor, get your car to the shop. It may be time for new brake pads, or you may be leaking brake fluid.

4. Vibration When You Brake

Another sign that brakes are nearing the end of their life is when you experience vibration when stopping. This feels similar to anti-lock brakes and could mean your rotors are warped. In this case, your brake pads can’t grip the rotor and you’ll need to have them looked at. 

Everyone needs to have brakes replaced at some point. If it’s taking you longer to stop or your brakes continuously squeal, get your car in for an inspection now.

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