Benefits of Using OEM Auto Parts and Accessories

When purchasing new auto parts or looking to upgrade your vehicle, using OEM replacement parts has several advantages. Not only will they enhance the performance of your car, but they’ll also extend its lifespan considerably.

These products can be found on a variety of eCommerce websites that sell auto parts and accessories. Most will feature an easily navigable Year/Make/Model selector. Some even feature special pages – mini-stores – dedicated solely to certain manufacturer brands.

Body & Chassis

The body and chassis of an automobile play a significant role in determining its overall strength, handling, and refinement. They support all systems inside such as the engine, transmission, steering, and suspension system.

Body-on-frame and unibody construction are two common car body styles. The former is more prevalent for light duty vehicles such as hatchbacks and SUVs.

Unibody construction combines the body, floorboards and major chassis structural support and crash protection elements into one integrated frame structure, saving weight compared to creating the body and then mounting it on its own frame.

No matter which type you opt for, there are numerous auto parts and accessories you can use to maintain or repair your car. Explore this section of the website to find exactly what you need!

Interiors & Exteriors

Auto parts and accessories are components installed in an automobile to enhance driving experiences. These may include bodies & chassis, interiors & exteriors, seating, powertrains, electronics, mirrors/closings, roof systems & modules, etc.

The interior of an automobile is essential for providing comfort to drivers and passengers, as well as being practical and user friendly.

According to a survey, consumers are becoming more and more interested in the interior design of automobiles when shopping for a new vehicle. This is encouraging news for OEMs as it implies that buyers are paying greater attention to their vehicles’ interiors than ever before.

DuPont offers a selection of additive solutions to designers that can assist them with these challenges. These additives offer long-lasting scratch and squeak resistance while also streamlining processing steps, leading to higher production efficiencies.


The electronics of an automobile are essential in ensuring the vehicle operates at peak performance. Different systems such as fuel injection and anti-lock braking rely on electronic components for efficient performance.

Automotive electronics refer to the engine and transmission control units found in vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and other machinery that use internal combustion engines or electric motors for driving.

Most gas powered engines and transmissions currently have their own ECUs (engine control units), while hybrid vehicles feature an integrated ECU that controls both the engine and electric motor.

Automotive power electronics must adhere to stringent requirements for conducted EMI. This includes limits for voltage, current, frequency and energy. These requirements are typically specified by SAE standard J1113/41 and J1113/42.

Tires & Wheels

Wheels and tires are essential elements of a vehicle, without which cars would not move as intended.

A tire’s primary role is to transmit traction and torque, as well as support the weight of a vehicle while keeping its direction of travel unchanged. They’re filled with compressed air for extra cushioning, making driving safer for drivers.

The tread, the outermost rubberized part of a tire, contains grooves and notches to increase friction between it and the ground surface. This design helps direct water and debris away from the wheel.

Strut spacers are an economical and straightforward way to add an inch or two more height to a vehicle with either strut or coil-over suspension. They make for an affordable alternative to costly full suspension kits and can be used on vehicles of varying ride heights.

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