Exploring Off-Road Trucks With Performance and Customization

People purchase 4×4 trucks for many different purposes; one of the most enjoyable aspects is off-roading.

Off-road trucks, similar to scout trucks, are easily maneuverable and capable of carrying cargo. Unfortunately, their responsiveness lags behind that of heavier vehicles; luckily manufacturers have installed upgrades to make off-road driving simpler.

Off-Road Suspension Systems

Suspension is a key factor for how your vehicle performs on and off-road, providing optimal traction, grip, and maneuvering smoothly without damaging its underbody.

Suspension lift kits raise your underbody off of the ground, providing greater clearance when going over rocks, logs, ruts, vegetation, water or mud. This allows you to confidently explore more off-road paths knowing you can traverse them without fear.

Suspension upgrades go beyond simply raising the height of your vehicle; they also include custom-valved shocks or struts to meet off-road load requirements. Ironman 4×4 provides complete suspension kits for trucks that include taller springs, high performance shocks/struts/spacers/brackets as well as any needed spacers and brackets.

Selec-Speed(r) Control

Jeeps have long been associated with carefree weekend adventure and off-roading, but that doesn’t mean they take safety lightly. Jeep’s driver assistance features include adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring – with their latest innovation Selec-Speed(r) Control providing off-road cruise control functionality to maintain consistent speeds over challenging terrain.

Selec-Speed works by adjusting throttle and engine torque to keep the vehicle moving over uneven ground, but there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled before it will activate: the driver’s door must be closed, no pressure applied to brake or accelerator pedals and there must not be any force applied by other passengers on any pedal.

This system also comes equipped with hill ascent and descent controls to help drivers tackle steep climbs or drops with ease; however, these features are only available on models equipped with an automatic transmission.

Selec-Lock(r) Differential

Locking differentials are an invaluable addition to off-road trucks. By connecting axle shafts together so each wheel has equal traction, enabling you to overcome obstacles that would have previously been insurmountable. They work using gears and clutches for traction provision with pneumatic or electric assistance as needed.

Open differentials can send power to the wheel with least traction, potentially leading to your ute getting stuck or breaking something.

To prevent this from occurring, a control algorithm for automatically locking differentials was developed. This system works by monitoring speed differences and drive torque limits of differentials; when certain conditions are met, the algorithm changes LockRI-II value from 2 to 1, activating all-wheel drive or individual differential locking (level 2).

Selec-Throttle(r) Control

Jeep vehicles are legendary for going where the pavement ends, yet Jeep takes playtime seriously and continuously upgrades their abilities so drivers can explore new terrain with confidence. One example is Selec-Speed Control – an off-road cruise control specially tailored to single digit speeds designed for slow off-road conditions and slow speeds.

This system uses sensors to communicate a driver’s acceleration intent directly to the engine, which then controls throttle valve opening and thus engine speed. Similar to how modern drive-by-wire throttle systems work, but significantly more nuanced control and response to changing road conditions are provided by this approach.

Technology such as this can also prevent brake overheating and wear, saving owners money in maintenance costs over time. For drivers seeking further customization of their vehicle response, throttle response controllers such as the Pedal Commander offer 36 different sensitivity settings to maximize response; connecting to accelerator pedals they increase responsiveness to reduce throttle lag when pressing on the gas.

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