3 Reasons To Have Your Car Windows Tinted

There are many ways to customize your car. You can get new wheels, a fin or even a new paint color. If you are new to the car customization scene or just curious, putting on a window tint Chantilly VA is an easy and not too expensive way to customize your car. There are several good reasons to have your windows tinted.

1. Reduce UV Radiation

The sun is powerful and UV radiation can damage not only your skin by your car’s interior. There are certain parts of the interior that gets lots of sun exposure, including the dashboard, upholstery and carpeting. Over time, they can fade. Preserve your car’s good condition by having a tint installed to keep out the radiation. You will also reduce your risk of sunburn as you drive.

2. Privacy and Safety

If you want to keep your car and belongings safe from theft, tinted windows are a good deterrent. Potential thieves will not be able to look in the windows and see if there is anything worth stealing. Crimes of opportunity are done quickly and thieves prefer to break into a car when they know there is something worth stealing. Darkened windows can also make your drive more private. If you don’t like other people looking at you, this may be the solution.

3. Damage

Window tint is a darkened plastic film that adheres to your window glass. If you are ever in an accident, the film can help hold the glass in place, preventing damage and injury.

Tinting has clear benefits, but there are laws and regulations surrounding the practice. Most states require that at least 35% of light enters the windows. Check your local regulations before installing the tint. You don’t want to get caught with windows that are too dark and be fined.

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