What To Do When You’re in a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is a traumatic experience. Whether or not you were at fault and no matter how few injuries you sustained, it’s hard to think clearly right after you collide with another car. Here are a few tips for making sure that the aftermath of your accident goes smoothly.

Exchange Insurance Information

If you or the other party has any auto damages Lakewood CO, you must exchange automobile insurance information. When you report the incident to your provider, you enter the other person’s insurance information as well. That way, your insurance companies handle all the details and contact you if they have any questions and to report their decisions. If the other party leaves without giving you his or her information, you risk having to pay for more of the repairs on your own.

Stay Safe

After an accident, you’re completely disoriented and full of adrenaline, so it’s hard to pay attention to your own safety. However, you’re most likely on the shoulder of a road or highway, so you need to be careful when you walk to speak with the other driver. Watch out for emergency vehicles and tow trucks, and make sure to stay clearly visible at all times.

Find a Way Home

Some accidents are minor enough that you can drive your vehicle home. If your car is totaled or in need of drastic repairs, though, find a way home before all emergency responders leave. Some tow companies offer free rides with their services, but you can also call a friend or family member or pay for an Uber. 

When you get in an accident, it’s easy to start panicking. However, by following these steps, you keep yourself safe and ensure that you get maximum coverage from your insurance company. You also make it easier to start driving again once you feel comfortable.

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