Tools to Keep Your Equipment Running

When people think of necessary equipment for farms, trucking companies and construction businesses, they usually think of tractors, tractor trailers and dump trucks. Those people wouldn’t be wrong. Those are crucial pieces of gear for each of those types of businesses. There are, however, many similarities in the kinds of complimentary tools each of these sectors of commerce requires. Most people are completely unaware of the extra paraphernalia it takes to keep all these types of companies up and running smoothly.

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Air Compressors

If you’re scratching your head wondering how an air compressor would help a farmer, you’re not alone. Many people think of air compressors in relation to construction companies. Air compressors have multiple construction uses. Nail guns, spray painting and power washing come to mind. But what about a farm and fleet air compressor? Why are those necessary? Beyond simply inflating tires, air compressors are used on the farm in the same ways construction companies use them. It’s the farmer who fixes the barns with the nail gun and spray paints or power washes the exteriors. Dairy farmers also use air compressors to power and clean their milk-collection systems or to power the gates which funnel the cows into the milking stalls.


Any time there’s metal involved in how a company makes a living, there’s bound to be the necessity of welding. You can’t have a business with a fleet of tractor trailers unless you have mechanics and welders on your payroll. The mechanics are responsible for keeping the engines and moving parts of each truck working; the welders are responsible for ensuring the integrity of the bodies of both truck and trailer. Small welding projects on construction sites or farms are common. Both places need someone available who’s trained and has the appropriate welding equipment to get the various jobs done.

Air compressors and welding equipment are necessary for more than you originally thought.

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