The Process of Shipping Cars

The digital world seems to have created an online marketplace for every industry, even car sales! Used cars and new cars alike can be bought with ease through dealerships, retailers, and auction houses online, but this comes with a few difficulties. One of these is that you might buy a car that’s in a different town or state far from you. Now what? Now, you rely on auto shipping to transport your new ride to your address. The process is fairly simple, but if you’ve never done it before, there are a few things you’ll want to know.

What to Expect

Transporting a car isn’t as easy as mailing a package, so you should keep in mind that the process will take time. You’ll need to take time to research which company you want to work with, arrange a pickup with the company and the seller. After that’s all arranged, it could still take up to four weeks for your car to be delivered because you’re likely not the only vehicle being transported. If you need to receive your car by a certain date, you can discuss a rush order with the company you’re using to ship a car.

Decisions to Make

Not all auto transports are the same, so you get to make some decisions along the way. The first, and perhaps most important, is to choose if you want your car shipping in a closed trailer or on an open one. This all depends on your preferences and if you’re concerned about the exterior possibly acquiring some damage. You’ll also have the option to opt for a scheduled pick up, which will cost extra, or to wait for the company to tell you when they have an open slot to move your vehicle.

Shipping a vehicle can be an easy process if you know what to expect and what decisions to make.

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