Choosing the Right Entertainment for Your Event

Throwing a party has lots of facets that need to work together such as theme, decorations, food and entertainment. Entertainment especially can make or break an event, so choosing the right type is important. There are several different directions you can go in depending on how you want your guests to interact during your soiree.

Musical Entertainment

Music is a go-to staple at any event whether you engage a band, orchestra, or a single singer. There are advantages to each. If you want your guests to loosen up and dance, a dance band is a great way to go. There might be a popular group in your area, or you might choose a band that plays cover songs from the ‘80s, for example. If your guests are older or perhaps well-heeled, an orchestra lends sophistication to your event and can play as beautiful background music while guests chat. If you really want music as entertainment, consider hiring a male or female voice actor in NY or your state who can wow your guests with a particular genre of music like opera or jazz. This type of performance is really a show for your guests rather than a background ambiance.

Non-musical Entertainment

Another way to entertain your guests is with a non-musical performer such as a comedian or magician. Some comedians will tailor their show to your specific audience with inside jokes while others have a standard set. Be sure to discuss with the comedian prior to booking any off-limit topics. Magicians are not just for children’s parties. Assuming that your venue is small enough that everyone will have a good view, magic tricks can be very entertaining and cause great discussions afterward. Magicians have different styles. Some use audience members in their act and some come with their own assistant.

People assume that for a party to be fun, it needs a band so loud that no one can talk comfortably, but that is simply not the case. Most partygoers wish there had been quieter music or more time to just chat. Choosing the right entertainment is key to a successful event.

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