4 Signs Your Car Needs Attention Now

There are certain responsibilities that come along with owning and operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to learn some of the most common early warning signs of car trouble. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is time to take your car in for diagnostics right away. 

1. Clanking Noises

Cars can make lots of noises, but they generally operate pretty quietly. If you notice a sudden clanking sound, especially when your car is shifting gear, it could be a sign of serious transmission trouble. That means you want to have it checked as soon as possible, so schedule a transmission service Lynnwood to find out what is wrong and get it fixed. 

2. A Flashing Check Engine Light

Today’s cars are equipped with thousands of sensors and electronics to monitor their performance. When something goes wrong, they produce an error code that can be read by diagnostic equipment. Certain codes will cause warning lights to pop up on the display. While a  solid check engine light is a warning of potential trouble, a flashing one means you should find a safe place to pull off the road right away. This is often caused by an emissions system problem that can cause serious — and expensive — damage if left unchecked. 

3. Sluggish Acceleration

You probably have a pretty good feel for your personal vehicle’s acceleration capabilities. When those change suddenly and it becomes sluggish or feels bogged down, you may have a problem. It could be as simple as dirty air or fuel filters or as serious as a timing belt issue, but you won’t know which unless you have it checked out.

4. White Smoke

You probably realize that you shouldn’t have smoke pouring out from under the hood, but did you also realize that white smoke coming from the tailpipe is also a sign of trouble. It can indicate that coolant is mixing with other fluids in the engine. 

Watching for warning signs can help you spot problems early, and potentially avoid major engine damage.

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