Preparing for Your Winter in Florida

Let’s face it; winters up north can be brutal. The freezing temperatures, snow, all that shoveling, and the heating bills can get old quick. Sure the snow looks pretty, but who wants to go out and shovel it every time there’s a storm?

Wintering in Florida allows you to escape the harsh northern winters and enjoy warmth and sunshine. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for your travels south.

Prepare Your Home

If no one’s watching your home while you’re gone, you’ll have to take some steps to get it ready. You’ll need to make sure you turn down your heat (but don’t set it too low, or you risk frozen pipes). Shut off your water at the main valve. Close the flue on your chimney. Don’t forget to unplug all unnecessary electronics, too, to help save energy.

Pack What You Need

Clothes are just one of the things you’ll need to pack for your trip. You should make sure that you have your medical records and copies of your prescriptions if you need them. Pack your checkbook, passport (if you plan to do any international travel while you’re in Florida), and anything else you think you’ll need while you’re away. If you’re flying to Florida but don’t want to rent a car, you should also look into nationwide car shipping.

Take Care of Your Mail

The post office can hold your mail if you’re going to be gone for a month or less. If you’ll be gone for longer than 30 days, mail forwarding is always an option. Or, if you have a trusted neighbor or family member, you can ask them to collect your mail so the box doesn’t overflow. Don’t forget to cancel or suspend subscriptions and the newspaper.

Spending the winters in Florida enable you to escape the cold northern winters and return when things warm up again. Making sure you’re prepared ahead of time will make your trip that much better.

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